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Join for the Tracking, stay for the Community

Turn your smartphone into a Flight Data Recorder and register GPS data, G’s, % RPM... Share your track with whoever you want in real time. Your family, friends and even your flight instructor will track you live. Moreover, AVIAZE automatically detects events such as the starting of the engine, the takeoff and landings among others. At the end of each flight a Post Flight Report will be provided with the calculated engine time, block time and airborne time, as well as performance charts and the detailed track. Your ultimate resource for good debriefing.

There is no connection or interface between the aircraft and your smartphone. You just need to have a minimum battery level and place the smartphone in a spot with good visibility towards the sky to enhance GPS reception. AVIAZE collects the information from the sensors on your device.

Pilots are the heart and soul of AVIAZE and our community the cornerstone of the whole AVIAZE experience. Follow your pilot friends, share your tracking, get inspired for your next x-country, drop comments, receive likes and above all enjoy, you are a pilot and #pilotsareawesome.

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The most cost-effective solution for aircraft operators,
flight schools, aeroclubs, fire aircrew, co-ownerships ...



Go flying?

Choose your plane, tap on "Start Flight" and that’s it. Ready to start the engine?

Once in flight, you have a GPS-based moving map for navigation. It includes aeronautical information and airspaces of more than 30 countries as well as information on aerodromes and navaids (courtesy of our friends at OpenAIP).

When back on the ground, check if you earned any new badge, comment and share the tracking with your followers.

What if I lose signal? Will it drain battery? …? We are glad you have so many questions. We have answers for you. Please take a look at our FAQ and if you do not find what you are looking for just contact us directly.

To the next level

Open, tap and "cleared for take off"

Share Live Tracking

AVIAZE allows you to share your track in real time with friends, family or your instructor via Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, ... It is for your safety but also because they will be happy to know you’re ok!

For business

Are you an aviation professional, aircraft owner or operator? AVIAZE is also for you. The most cost-effective solution to keep your fleet healthy and your pilots happy and safe.


Maps & graphics

We are all pilots here, so we know you just love flight data. That’s why we provide graphics with G forces, speed, altitude, and even engine power settings.

The community

Connect with pilots from all over the world, share your flights and experiences. Encourage your aeroclub fellows to join and grow your circle, because your life in aviation is a story worth sharing.

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