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Smartphone Aircraft Tracking

The most cost-effective tracking solution 
for GA fleets based on the pilot's smartphone only.  

Monitor every flight,
avoid misuse of your aircraft,
promote best flying practices,
and keep a healthy fleet


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Why Choose Us

The most cost-effective solution for aircraft operators,
flight schools, aeroclubs, fire aircrew, co-ownerships ...

Set up in 8 min

Straightforward, just register your organization here, create your own
aircrafts and start tracking now

No hardware

AVIAZE runs on the pilot's smartphone with no interface to the plane. Forget to install any external GPS

Flight Data Monitoring 

Turn any smartphone into a connected Flight Data Recorder. Broadcast in real time G loads, GPS data and %RPM three times per second

Safer flying  

No more inappropriate maneuvers, hard landings or airspace violations. Keep your fleet healthy and foster better flying practices

Digital Transformation 

Benefit from a whole set of digital tools that will progressively transform your business in an affordable way 

Your pilots' community

Businesses use groups to build a network and to foster interaction among their pilots by providing them with a common platform



The registration process is quick and straightforward. As the administrator you can register your organization here for free. No credit card is required at this stage. Once registered, you will access your Dashboard where you can set up your planes. Ask your pilots and members to download AVIAZE and to join the group you just created. It is that simple, you can start tracking flights right away.

The Dashboard is a management tool for the organization administrators and managers. See all flight history within your organization and access the details of any flights including performance figures, charts and flight times.



Air navigation includes a moving map with airspaces of more than 30 countries as well as aerodrome information and navaids. New features focusing on flight preparation but especially on improving the situational awareness of the pilot will be released shortly.

A good example is the TCASmart system, designed to enhance flight safety and reduce the risk of a mid-air collision.

It is inspired on the conventional TCAS but based on a smartphone instead of a transponder. 

No credit card needed.

Start your 21-Day FREE trial



Promoting a safer flying is in the heart of AVIAZE. You can now track your pilots and monitor all flight parameters live. The philosophy is the same as that of any airline:

First, your office becomes an operations center from where your instructors can supervise all flights in real time (SOLO flights, cross-country, ...).

Second, you can now detect any abusive or inadequate maneuver, hard landing or airspace violations that puts the safety or integrity of the aircraft at risk. Keep your fleet healthy and foster better flying practices with airline-like Flight Data Monitoring



There is no interface or connection between the smartphone and the aircraft. During the flight, AVIAZE obtains all information from the built-in sensors on the smartphone, which is the only source of flight data.

The device becomes a connected Flight Data Recorder. It will broadcast flight performance in real time, altitude, speed, G-loads and an estimate of engine RPM. 4G technology ensures best connectivity and a reliable broadcasting at a rate of three inputs per second.

These data not only provide a cool and practical debriefing tool for instructors and students, but also, in the event of an incident, the organization has more data to investigate what happened.

Moreover, after each flight, AVIAZE automatically detects the start/stop of the engine, as well as the takeoff and landing. An algorithm automatically obtains engine time, block time, and airborne time.


(Coming soon)

With disruptive technologies and evolving customer demands, GA is looking to reinvent their organizations in the digital era. AVIAZE brings a whole set of digital tools that will progressively transform your business in an affordable way.

Would you like to digitize your checklists, so every pilot can read them from their smartphones and manually check every point?

Create, update and customize your aircraft’s checklists from your Dashboard and leave the printed checklists just as a backup. Today, many airlines are digitizing their checklists, we are also working in that direction so that you can benefit from this feature soon.


(Coming soon)

The TCAS is a transponder-based system that revolutionized aviation since its introduction by drastically reducing incidents related to potential mid-air collisions. It is mandated to be fitted to all aircraft with a MTOW of over 5.700 kg.

AVIAZE provides a simple but affordable alternative. A system inspired on the conventional TCAS but with the Smartphone as positioning and broadcasting equipment, instead of the airplane transponder.

All AVIAZE users will be visible to the pilot on the moving map and with a similar layout to that of the conventional TCAS system. The aim is to improve the situational awareness of the pilot and reduce the risk of mid-air collisions, especially at the vicinity of congested airfields.



Community is the cornerstone of the AVIAZE experience. In fact, we started as the Social Network for Pilots. Businesses use groups to build a network and to foster interaction among their pilots by providing them with a common platform.

The main goal is to fuel a friendly channel to encourage flying and improve the user experience. How? Posting content, organizing events and flying sorties, sharing routes and promoting campaigns. Your organization is in great place to interact regularly with your pilots and and to attract new customers or partners.


Pick your plan and start today your 21-day free trial. No credit card needed.
Cancel anytime.


  29 € month*
  • Especially sized for aircraft co-ownership 
  • e-mail support
  • Up to 5 users
  • Premium features
  • * -10% if yearly


  129 € month*
  • Designed for mid-sized flying clubs, flight schools, fire aircrew …
  • e-mail support
  • Up to 50 users
  • Premium features
  • * -15% if yearly


  249 € month*
  • For bigger organizations with a significant amount of members 
  • Priority support
  • Up to 150 users
  • Premium features
  • * -20% if yearly


  • A tailored plan for organizations with specific requisites 
  • Priority support
  • Customized development
  • Early access to new features
  • > 150 users
  • Premium features

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