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AVIAZE is an app for General Aviation and sport light aircraft pilots. After downloading the app from the Play Store (Android) or the App Store (iOS) on the Smartphone, the pilot can easily start a flight. AVIAZE will start recording and broadcasting all flight parameters in real time, including speed, altitude, an estimate of engine power settings and G force.

AVIAZE does not require any mechanical or electrical interface with the aircraft, it collects the data from the device’s sensors.

In case the internet connection is lost in-flight, which is not very common for these type of flights, AVIAZE keeps recording all parameters in the device internal memory and it will broadcast it as soon as the internet connection is fully or partially recovered. AVIAZE is based on the mobile data network, therefore it is independent from the aircraft transponder.

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Anyone can create a private group of users within the AVIAZE community, that is, a private sub-community within the whole AVIAZE community. This means that any user who registers in AVIAZE from their smartphone can request to join to that sub-community or group. Once accepted, they will be able to see each other's flights in each group, select the specific aircrafts of that group created by the administrator, follow in real time and keep track of each plane's activity, track themselves in real time and keep a record of each plane's activity, basically a group logbook with detailed information such as airborne, block and engine time, tracking of each flight and performance data including G's and engine data.

This suits perfectly:

  • Owners, group of friends or partners with a participation in an airplane
  • Aeroclubs and flight schools
  • Instructors
  • Fire extinguishing services
  • etc...

To create a group, you will just have to register at the AVIAZE Business website, that simple. Next step, people who want to enter that group will need to download AVIAZE on their smartphones, register and request permission to join to your organization from the “settings” page. The group administrator will receive a request from each user to join that group that will accept (or reject) at the administrator panel to grant access to these users.

With AVIAZE Business you will have access to all AVIAZE services plus an administrator panel where you can create your organization planes, monitor and track your fleet in real time, manage pilots and aircrafts and keep record of all flights with an interactive logbook.

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After logging in AVIAZE from your smartphone, select the aircraft icon at the bottom navigation menu to start a flight. You will need to select an aircraft form the list clicking on the top left "Change plane" button. Once the flight has been initiated in the app, you can place the device somewhere in the cockpit and continue with the "before engine start" procedures. It is important to FIRST initiate the flight on AVIAZE and only AFTER start the engine. Otherwise, the Engine time and RPM graphics will be incorrect.

  3. FLY
In a similar way, to stop the flight: once the engine has been shutdown, and only then, stop the flight in AVIAZE. No need to rush, you can click on “Finish flight” when leaving the cockpit. The important thing here is to STOP THE ENGINE first and then FINISH the flight in AVIAZE so that the algorithm has all the information and the accuracy in the RPM calculation is the best possible.

In the previous charts we can see two RPM profiles for two different flights. In the first one the increase and fall in RPM is detected correctly when the engine was started and stopped respectively. In the second, the flight began in AVIAZE with the engine already running. In this case the calculation of Engine Time will be incorrect.

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Normally the pilot can place his/her device in a pocket. AVIAZE will work correctly unless the device is shadowed, especially with metal objects. To avoid this, while AVIAZE is being used, it should be placed in a place with good visibility to the sky to enhance the reception of GPS satellite signals. It is common to find smartphones with faulty GPS chips that lead to poor GPS accuracy. In this case, it is essential to place the Smartphone where maximum visibility of the sky is available.

In case after a flight, the tracking on the postflight map shows trajectory scratches or the altitude/speed charts show drops to 0 or unrealistic data, that is probably due to the GPS signal was not received properly.

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No. AVIAZE battery usage is around 10% per hour on most devices. This will vary depending on the health of the battery of every device. Other factors that may affect your battery performance are the use of other apps in parallel that although they might be running in the background, they can drain a significant amount of battery.

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No. In this case AVIAZE, despite not being able to broadcast data in real time, will continue to record all flight parameters in the device. When the network connection is restored, even temporarily, AVIAZE will start to broadcast and no data will be lost.

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No. In most General Aviation flights the connection is rarely lost. However, in remote or mountainous areas, and depending on the country where you are flying, connection can be lost from time to time. In this case, AVIAZE will continue recording data in the device internal memory and when the connection is restored the data will be broadcasted immediately. It has been proven up to FL130 where in some cases internet connection available at that altitude was sufficient for AVIAZE broadcasting in real time.

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Smartphones and tablets usually have a temperature limit (around 60ºC) above which they automatically turn off as a precaution. The continued use of GPS by any app, heats the device to a greater or lesser extent. It is good practice to provide some kind of shadow to the device to prevent overheating, especially in summer and hot days when using the GPS.

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No. The sensors of the device gather the information necessary to calculate all flight parameters. AVIAZE exploits all available sensors in the device to obtain accurate flight data. In case the plane has some type of power outlet, it is always good practice to connect the Smartphone to the power source to maintain the battery level high.

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In case you are not in any group or linked to any organization your public flights can be seen by your followers or people who look at your profile in AVIAZE. Your flights saved as private, usually, can only be seen by you.

In case that you belong to a group, your flight information can also be viewed by the administrator of that organization.

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No they don’t need to have AVIAZE in their smartphone. Besides, it is super easy to share your flight with them. Once the flight has been started on your device, click on the “share link” button and send a link via WhatsApp, email, etc. to whom you like. The person who receives this link can open it in their browser without having to have AVIAZE downloaded.

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In that case we recommend that you select the most similar aircraft with close performance characteristics. Normally the calculation of times and performance will not be affected. Please send us an email to requesting your plane and we will upload it as soon as possible.

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AVIAZE is designed to run in offline mode and activating the airplane mode should not affect post-flight results. However, depending on the specs of the device, remaining in airplane mode for a prolonged period of time may cause AVIAZE to stop working. In addition, many of AVIAZE's security features such as real-time tracking will not work. Therefore we recommend to avoid the airplane mode unless it is necessary.

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AVIAZE sends data through the 4G mobile network. In case your tablet has internet connection the answer is yes. However, AVIAZE has been optimized for smartphone use, some graphics may not be displayed correctly depending on the tablet model used.

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In case your tracking resembles this image, the GPS of your smartphone is not receiving the signal from the GPS satellites correctly and for some reason, the smartphone's GPS is not locating its position well. Probably the Block and Airborne times will not be correct, and speed and altitude graphs may be inaccurate.

There are several possible causes for this:

1) Make sure that the device is placed in the cockpit with good visibility to the sky. It is essential not to shadow with tablets, laptops or metal elements.

2) Check that you have allowed access to your GPS (location services) for AVIAZE "always" in the settings page of your device. It is essential to ensure that AVIAZE can continue receiving inputs from the GPS it is in background or with the screen locked.

3) Unfortunately it is quite common to find smartphones with faulty GPS chips. AVIAZE requires high location accuracy, only provided by a GPS chips in good condition. In apps that require less precision such as Google Maps, you may not even realize that you have a defective chip, but AVIAZE will give it away. Normally, the quality of your GPS chip is associated with the phone's quality and price, but not necessarily. In AVIAZE we have verified that sometimes, even the most high-end mobile phones can be sold with defective GPS chips. A clear example is the iPhone X to which Apple changed its GPS chips provider, and the results in terms of location accuracy of the iPhone X are much worse than those of an iPhone 6 (much older).

4) Finally, in AVIAZE we are constantly optimizing the data collection processes, so we recommend that you update to the latest version before jumping into conclusions.

If you conclude that it is actually due to a defective chip, do not despair, try using AVIAZE with another device and compare the results.

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AVIAZE processes cabin noise as part of the analysis to obtain the estimate of engine RPMs. In case the microphone is being used by other apps, AVIAZE will not be capable of collecting the noise inputs and consequently RPMs will not be estimated and you will probably see a drop in the graph or data completely missing. Probably the Engine Time data at the end of the flight will be inaccurate or wrong.

Situations that can lead to loss of this data can be the use of Bluetooth headphones, recording a video with the device, playing an audio or music, recording an audio, etc. In case you perform any of these actions with an ongoing flight, we recommend that once you have finished using the microphone, access AVIAZE and this will reactivate the noise level input acces from the smartphone’s microphone.
NOTE: AVIAZE does NOT records audio or conversations, it only measures decibels from the cockpit.

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Momentary GPS signal losses are frequent. It is not an issue caused by AVIAZE but due to the poor GPS location calculation by the device's GPS chip or poor reception of the GPS signal. The most common cause is the lack of good visibility to the sky or due to shielding the Smartphone by a metal object or even the structure of the aircraft itself. If this occurs, it is possible that the Flight Time and Block Time of this flight are incorrect or inaccurate.
In case the losses are very frequent and the device has not been shielded and it has had a good visibility of the sky, the issue might be that the problem is linked to a faulty or defective GPS chip. In this case we recommend that you read the FAQ “On the post-flight map I see bizarre straight lines instead of a normal tracking”.

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When this happens, it is usually because the flight in AVIAZE was not started/ended at the right time. It is essential that your click “Start Flight” BEFORE starting the engine. It doesn't have to be immediately before. Ideally, incorporate the "start AVIAZE" in your "Before Engine Start" checklist at some point before. In the same way it is essential that you click “Stop Flight” in AVIAZE only AFTER shutting down the engine. It is not necessary to do it immediately after stopping the engine, in fact it is desirable to wait a couple of minutes after stopping the engine before terminating the flight in AVIAZE.

On the first image we see the RPMs shoot at the engine start and drop after engine shutdown. On the second image, we do see the engine shutdown, but not the engine start since the RPMs increase at the beginning of the flight are missing.
Occasionally, it may happen that an aircraft starting its engine parked next to yours, may alter the data processed by AVIAZE. The app could actually detect and engine start of that aircraft instead of yours.
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