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Turn your smartphone into a connected Flight Data Recorder
Process and send all flight parameters in real time


Welcome pilot

AVIAZE makes flying safer and more fun

Transform your smartphone into an enhanced Flight Data Recorder connected to the network. With the phone in your pocket, AVIAZE detects all normal flight events: engine starts, taxis out, take offs, and touch and goes) as well as non-normal situations such as: engine failures, hard landings, and high G maneuvers. AVIAZE takes one step further by saving all information for debriefings, broadcasting information to the ground and allowing your friends to follow you in real time. The most amazing thing is that your device is not connected to the aircraft at all (no interface)

AVIAZE seeks to improve your flying experience. Earn points, badges, and medals; challenge and beat other pilots; become a pro, and maybe one day, a legend of the sky.

Have an iPhone or iPad?
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Go flying?

Press "FLY" to commence a flight, select a plane or get a default one. Press "Begin Flight" and let's go!

A navigation map (courtesy of our friends at OpenAIP) is there for you. Data will be sent in real time to the ground.

LOST SIGNAL? Don’t worry! AVIAZE will store the information and will send it to you as soon as the signal comes back... no data will be lost.

Once you’re on the ground with the parking brake set, fuel cut off and mags off... finish the flight, check out your times and see how many points you earned. Have you been awarded with a badge yet?

For Android users... 

AVIAZE will be available for your Android device very soon.
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Go to the next level

With AVIAZE you will be able to do things you've never done before with other apps.

Share your flight

AVIAZE allows you to share your flight in real time, with friends, family and followers on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, and others.

Badges and Medals

For starters, we have created some challenges for you, beat them all and earn your badges, share your records and become an ace of aviation. 


Maps & graphics

We are all pilots here, so we know you just love flight data. That’s why we provide graphics with G forces, speed, altitude, and even engine power settings.


Make every gallon of AvGAS count, fly accurate, follow the mission, earn more points and continue climbing the levels. Challenge other pilots and join a community of enthusiasts while you improve your flying.

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